You dream it,
we build it digitally

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Every project we do is unique to each client. You have the idea and we have the technical know how to bring it to life.

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M-Corp : What are we ?

M-Corp = (Latest Technology + Highly Skilled Team + Complete Focus on Client Solutions and Service Excellence)

We are a team of freelance Software Developers in Sunny South Africa with a passion for creating custom solutions for any size problem. With a wide and diverse skill set between us we are able to build any type of app on any platform.

"If you dream it, we can build it digitally" is our company motto. Do you need a company website, a web api, a desktop system or even a mobile game ? No problem !!

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Web Development

From simple websites to complex web applications. We got you covered !

Mobile Development

Apple ? Android ? Phone, Ipad or Tablet ? Doesn't matter to us. You choose the device and we will get it done !

Desktop Development

Need something for the office ? Looking for a database linked local application to store and process information, manage client details or inventory ? We will do it and even advise on the hardware.

Game Development

Think you have the next Candy Crush or Flappy Bird mobile game idea? Or is it the next big desktop browser game? 3d or 2d we can assist with concept art, UI design and building the final product.


Let M-Corp deliver a digital solution to your challanges.

"If you dream it, we can build it digitally"

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